Steps to Set Up an Email Account With AT&T

Steps to Set Up an Email Account With AT&T – 1-850-583-3302

Apart from the phone services the company is also known best for the internet services. AT&T offers the internet services to residential as well as business customers. The residential services include the 21 email address or sub-accounts. Different from the free email services such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, you must be an AT&T internet subscriber to have an AT&T email address. After creating the AT&T email account you can access it online through the Microsoft, outlook or similar email software on your smart phone. If you are a new users then follow the given Steps to Set Up an Email Account With AT&T or you can call att email support.

 Steps to Create AT&T Email Account

  • First of all log into with the help of username and password when you opened your AT&T internet account.
  • Choose “Internet” from the My AT&T tab.
  • Scroll down to email accounts. Your primary email address created automatically when you opened your AT&T account. To create additional e-mail accounts choose “create/Manage sub-accounts.”
  • Click on “Add a Sub-Account.”
  • Click on the “Accept” button to agree to AT&T’s terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Provide the new e-mail address in the Member ID field.
  • Enter a new password in the Password field and re-enter it in the Confirm Password field.
  • Enter the first and last names, a nickname, gender, date of birth, and zip code in the appropriate fields.
  • Enter the email address of primary account holder in the Contact E-mail Address field.
  • Determine whether you want to grant this sub-account holder permission to charge purchases to your AT&T account.
  • Select an offline security question and answer as well as a passcode.
  • Choose two online security questions with answers and then click on “Save.”
  • Print the data confirmation page if you like, and then click “Continue” to complete your sub-account setup.

Configure Microsoft Outlook to Capture Your AT&T Email

  • Select “Account Settings” from the Tools menu in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click the “New” button under the E-mail tab.
  • Select the POP3 E-mail Service, and then click “Next.”
  • Check “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types,” and then click “Next.”
  • Choose “Internet E-mail, and then click “Next.”
  • Enter your name, your new AT&T e-mail address, and the password you used to set up the sub-account.
  • Type “” in the Incoming Mail Server field.
  • Type “” in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.
  • Enter your e-mail address in the User Name field.
  • Check “Remember Password,” and then click “More Settings.”
  • Check “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication,” and then click the “Advanced” tab.
  • Type “995” in the Incoming Server (POP3) Port Number field.
  • Look whether “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL).”
  • Enter “465” in the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field.
  • Choose “SSL” in the drop-down box next to Use the Following Type of Encrypted Connection, and then click “OK” to be returned to the Internet E-mail window.
  • Press enter on the “Test Account Settings” button to verify the new e-mail address is communicating with Outlook.

Close the test window, and click “Finish” to complete your e-mail setup.

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