How To File Complaint Against ATT Wireless

How To File Complaint Against ATT Wireless

In this content you will you will come to know how to complain against ATT with the appropriate agency.  If you are not satisfied with the wireless service and looking for the way to file the complaint then go through the given content.  There are many methods for filing consumer complaints regarding wireless services. The best way to solve the matter is through the wireless company.


You can complain file with the help of given steps:

·         This is the First step to file complain. To file a complaint you have to submit the problems to ATT. You can reach us at our att email support number or submit a complaint letter to ATT Headquarters, ATT Inc, San Antonio, TX 78205. Also submit a complaint letter to the wireless division at ATT mobility, 5565 Glenridge Connector, Atlanta, GA 30342.

·         Submit a complaint to the Federal Communication commission only after trying to solve the issue with ATT. Be ready to submit your personal contact information, details of your wireless company and any correspondence you have with it. You can file a complaint by visiting For that, you have to click on “Complaints” and then click on “filing consumer complaint”, again click on “Wireless Telephone” and click on the appropriate type of complaint.

·         With the help of alternative method, you can complain file to the FCC. To complain file you can take help of telephone, fax, email or mail. You can send a mail to Federal Communications Commission, Consumer &Governmental Affairs Bureau, Consumer Complaints, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20554. Submit your complaint and any supporting documents by email to [email protected]

·         To file a complaint with the Attorney general office. Locate your attorney general’s office by going to, scroll down to the United States map and select the appropriate state. Most of the Attorney general’s website lists a link to filing a complaint. Click on the link and follow the instruction for filing a complaint.

·         To Contact BBB.  Visit, click on the USA site, click on “file a complaint”. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, they assist consumers or business in solving their complaints with companies. Generally, these complaints include products or services. After filling the initial complaint, it will be forwarded to the business in which you have submitted a complaint, within two business days. The business will be responded in 14 days if your business has not responded within that time frame, a second request is made. Once the business is received from the business, you will be notified.

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