cause of att email hacking

Cause and solution to fix ATT Email Hacking

In this article, you get the information the cause of the ATT email hacking. Every individual should be aware of the cause of hacking. If you got the notice from the internet service provider that an email address on your account has sent spam that’s why you can’t sign into your account. Sometimes it happens that you will not able to receive email. It signifies that your account has been hacked, phished or compromised. Apart from this problem, the other problems are given below:

  • You will get the complaints about the spam email from your email address.
  • You are not receiving email.
  • You will find that some of the emails are missing.
  • You get the huge amount of undeliverable or bounced messages you didn’t send.
  • You will ATT email login problems.
  • You get the unfamiliar emails in your Sent folder.
  • You get an email about related to some winning a type of reward, like an AT&T Reward.

Email IDs and passwords are the key tools to access the ATT account. The important email IDs, passwords, and other private information can be stolen through the phishing attempts or keylogging malware. After hacking important credentials can be stolen by the unauthorized third party to send spam or fraudulent emails.  To avoid this follow the given steps:

Steps to recover your account

First of all, go through the all possible scopes of vulnerability and create changes to recover your att account completely and eliminate all possible sources of the hack. If you face the Hotmail login problem or Gmail login problem then you can also follow all these steps.

Change email password  

If you found the suspicious action on your account then immediately change the AT&T email account password. By changing the password you reduce the risk. Verify all the computers of your network are free from the malware and all your email settings are valid. For the support chooser a strong password and safeguarding it from misuse, also check the tips to create the password tips.

Create and update account security questions and answers

Create and updates the security questions and answers that you choose at my AT&T allow only you to access your account or make changes to your account information.

Secure your computers:

Provide your computers against malware. Malware can steal password and other personal information.

  • Use the updated version of antivirus to scan all computers against malware. The AT&T internet security is provided by the McAfee is absolutely free to qualifying members which includes the anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall protection.
  • Always use the updated version of an anti-malware application, some of the malware isn’t detected by the anti-virus scans.
  • Make sure that your operating system has recently upgraded with all the recommended security updates from the operating system provider.

Review and update your email settings

Go through your email settings and to make changes click on the gear icon which is present on the top right corner and then choose settings.

  • Email signature – Find the changed or unknown content.
  • Accounts – Verify the email accounts listed. Choose edit to view the details of your account and also check that whether unknown or incorrect accounts listed under the POP or forward. Verify the sending name, address, spam settings and other details. Delete the unknown or incorrect accounts.
  • Vacation response– if it is required than disable the vacation response.
  • Blocked addresses– Also verify that your email address is not listed in the email address list. If it is there then remove it instantly and choose to save.
  • Review contacts –Make sure that all your contact information is correct and delete if you found any unfamiliar one.

Benefits of AT&T Support team

Hacking is a very sophisticated problem to the AT&T email users, which generally causes due to the cause of frequent use of internet from unknown IP address or browser. Hacking can ruin your career as well as reputation. AT&T email customer service support team consists of the certified and skilled technician. They will give the best solution for the recovery of your hacked account. Our team has been working so hard to respond to customer issues. We deliver quality service to each customer.

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